Enough is Enough




This morning I sent you a snapshot of the positive work we have accomplished in the House of Representatives. In fact, there are almost four hundred job creating, tax lowering, freedom expanding bills sitting on Majority Leader Harry Reid’s desk.
Frankly, I’m tired of it.
Harry Reid is letting these bills, many of which were passed the House with significant bipartisan support, languish in the Senate. What purpose does this serve? We need to send a message to Harry Reid and President Obama that we have had enough of them choosing politics over people.
Because of President Obama and Harry Reid’s policies:
There are too many families suffering because of dramatically increased health care premiums they just can’t afford.
There are too many young people who graduate college and are unable to find a job.
There are too many Americans who have simply given up looking for a job in exhaustion.
There are too many mothers and fathers spending precious time away from their families in order to work more hours and take home less pay because of increased tax burdens.
Enough is enough!
How can we fix these problems? The first step is to fire Harry Reid and the best way to do that is to go vote for Ed Gillespie, right now.

If you’re unable to door knock or make phone calls for our campaign, you can help in your own way by going directly to your registrar’s office and absentee voting in person if you’re eligible. You have the opportunity to absentee vote in person at your registrar’s office from now until Saturday.
I can’t express to you how important it is that you absentee vote in person if you are eligible.
Ed has put forward a positive and well-rounded plan to help guide our commonwealth and our country to prosperity. I need a partner in the Senate who will work with me to pass the Balanced Budget Amendment and a whole host of job creating and debt cutting laws.
Unfortunately, in Virginia, there is currently no one in the Senate who will work with me on these important issues.
If you would like to make these good policies law, I humbly ask for your vote, and encourage you to vote for Ed Gillespie for Senate. Right now.
And of course you can vote on Election Day, this Tuesday, from 6 am to 7 pm at your regular polling place. So the choice is yours, vote absentee now or until Saturday at your city or county voter registrars office or vote this Tuesday. Either way, be sure to vote!!

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