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House Acts to Defund Executive Actions on Immigration

It’s fitting that one of the first actions taken by the House of Representatives this year was a reading of the United States Constitution. As Members from both sides of the aisle read sections of our governing document, it was a reminder of the carefully balanced separation of powers outlined by our Founders.

President Obama’s rewriting of our nation’s immigration laws ignore the will of the American people, threaten the separation of powers between Congress and the Executive branch, and violate the President’s obligation to take care that the laws be faithfully executed.
In response to these unconstitutional actions, the House approved the Department of Homeland Security Appropriations bill this week, which funds enforcement of our immigration laws and processing of visa applications. As Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, I worked closely with other Members to draft five amendments to the bill that would defund and end the President’s executive amnesty programs.
Here are three things you need to know about the House Homeland bill.

If President Obama’s unilateral immigration amendments are not stopped, future presidents will continue to expand the power of the Executive Branch and encroach upon individual liberty. Our fight against the President’s actions is not yet over. In the coming days and weeks, I will work with my colleagues in the Senate to get a bill to the President’s desk. We cannot let one man nullify the law of the land with the stroke of his pen. Click here to read more in my weekly column.
VIDEO: Goodlatte Urges House to Stop President’s Executive Overreach
Curbing Excessive Federal Regulations
The effects of excessive government regulation are real for the American people. Today, Americans face a burden of over $3 trillion from federal taxation and regulation. The regulatory burden for each American household adds up to $15,000 – funds that could instead be used on housing, education, or groceries. Every month, hardworking Americans witness the government digging deeper and deeper into their pocketbooks with the results being lower wages, fewer jobs, and a less competitive America.
On Tuesday, the House of Representatives passed my bill – the Regulatory Accountability Act – to reform the Executive Branch and lessen the burden of overreaching federal regulation. This bill is a strong, bipartisan solution to the problem of overreaching, ill-considered, and excessively costly federal regulation. It requires the Executive Branch to execute the laws passed by Congress in the least costly way, and with better public input, to find the most efficient regulatory solutions that benefit all Americans. I applaud the House for passing this real and permanent regulatory reform for the American people.

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For the country music fans…

I ran into The Band Perry this week in the Capitol. We talked about the importance of copyright protections.


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